Adam Whitney Savage
Adam savage
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
Role Co-Host
Age 45 (born 15 July 1967)

Adam Whitney Savage is one of the main hosts on MythBusters, along with Jamie Hyneman, who hired Adam as co-host because he felt it would make the programme more interesting. Adam is more likely to be excited than Jamie. He pokes fun at Jamie a lot. There are very few moments when Adam is speechless. He collects various unusual curios.

Adam is directly responsible for the addition of Buster to Mythbusters, after purchasing a crash test dummy to stand in for Jamie during the Exploding Toilet Myth. He is an eccentric person, and likes to have a lot of fun while busting, confirming or proving the plausibility of myths. And for the fans he is like the uncle of the mythbusters family


Adam's personality fits his last name, "Savage." Impulsive, easy to excite, and surprisingly clumsy, Adam is the source of most of the show's comedy. Tory claims Adam used to work as if a camera crew was always following him, so he is in his element hosting the show. Like Tory, Adam has a tendency to hurt himself on camera, though Jamie sometimes lends a helping hand. The times and ways he got hurt include, but are not limited to:

  • Putting his face in a vacuum cleaner motor.
  • Getting shot in the nether regions with a makeshift penny gun
  • Falling off a treadmill while drunk
  • Getting slapped in the face by Jamie