Frank Doyle
Role Consultant

Frank Doyle is a former FBI agent and consultant to the Mythbusters when performing dangerous experiments and explosions.


Frank first appeared in Salsa Escape during the Cement Removal experiment. He assisted the Mythbusters in exploding the cement truck filled with cement. Since then, Frank regularly appears to assist the Mythbusters and the Build Team with their experiments that requires experience or explosives. In the 2005 episode 'Mythbusters Revisited', Frank provided tracer rounds for the Exploding Gas Tank portion. In the episode 'Exploding Pants' Frank helps with the preparation of several potentially explosive substances. He then supplies a silver explosive liquid that blows Buster to pieces.

Personality & skillsEdit

He is mostly serious and quiet although very helpful to the Mythbusters. He also had a habit of moving FAR away from Mythbusters when they were mixing chemicals under his supervision.


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