• The Myth - A group of rednecks returning from frog hunting use a live .22 Long Rifle cartridge as a replacement for a burned-out fuse in their pickup, but while the truck is driving, the bullet heats up enough to discharge, hitting the driver in the groin and causing enough damage to require surgery.
  • Verdict - Busted
  • Notes - After finding a fuse panel that accepts glass SAE fuses, they mounted it in a truck, seated Buster, and inserted the round. The cartridge did work as a replacement fuse, however when a short circuit was created, the wiring burnt up without igniting the round. When the wiring was upgraded to a higher gauge, the bullet did fire, but not with enough velocity to cause any serious injury. Not having a "plausible" verdict at the time, both Adam and Jamie agreed to call it busted "for now" due to a lack of conclusive evidence, but noted it as "unlikely but possible".[1]


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