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Grant Imahara
Role M7 Build Team
Age 49 (October 23, 1970-July 13, 2020)

Grant Imahara was a cohost of the show Mythbusters. He is currently a part of the Build Team along with Tori and Kari.


Grant first appeared on "Killer Brace Position" and subsequently replaced Scottie Chapman as Tori and Kari's new team member.

Personality & skills[]

He is often shown while doing complex calculations, often regarding speeds of objects. He is keen at building and incorporating robots into the builds.

In Airplane on Conveyor Belt it is revealed that Grant is proficient at flying remote controlled airoplanes, which led to him instructing Adam and Jamie


  • Grant seemed to be a big fan of science fiction movies, especially Star Trek and Star Wars (often making references to them during filming).
  • Exploding Steak - While the Build Team tests driving while angry, it is revealed that Grant was afraid of goldfish.
  • For the latest season of MythBusters, it was announced that the M5 Build Team would no longer be on the show. This saddened many.