In this episode, the MythBusters test holiday myths. It aired on December 6th, 2006[1].

The MythsEdit

Myth Status Notes
If you drop a frozen turkey, could it break your foot or kill a pet? Confirmed The Build Team made a replica foot and full-size small dog; the turkey smashed the biggest bone in the foot and fractured the replica-pet's spine. Upon taking the pet to a veterinarian, he said it would be very unlikely for the pet to survive.
Can a turkey be cooked on an antennae via the microwaves it emits? Busted When the Build Team first tested this, they used the antennae on top of a news van. It, however, didn't work. They then used a radar antennae on a World War II-era ship, but the turkey actually got colder. To make up for the failed myth, they put the turkey in a microwave with explosives.
Although not for a myth, Adam and Jamie make a Rube Goldberg machine with multiple parts. Success After at least six attempts, they get their series of events to work in one try. It starts out with Cola bottles attached to a large funnel. When Jamie pulls a string, a mentos is released into each bottle, and the Cola erupts into the funnel. The Cola fills a tube, which causes a bowling ball on a string to start spinning. As it lowers, a bar attached to it hits off of a piece of wood, releasing the ball down a ramp. It hits a group of bowling pins, pulls a string, and causes skiers to go down a slope. A party favor then inflates, rolling a ball down a small ramp. At the end, it triggers a ball on a ramp above it to roll onto a see saw-like ramp, activating another ball to go down a criss-cross ramp. At the end, it fails into the smoke stack of a train, activating it to go along a set of tracks. At the end, the train falls into a box, activating a bottle of Cola to erupt. This causes a toy on a string to unwind, pushing a string and activating a robot. The robot, holding a candle, moves forward and burns a string. This causes a hammer to swing, knocking an oven forward, from which a frozen bird rolls out. This hits a ramp with toy dinosaurs, which activates a fuse. When the fuse is done, a ball rolls onto a robot, which moves forward and smacks a hand. The hand hits another, which turns on a Christmas tree that makes sparks. This activates a fuse, which lights a small cannon and blows a pirates hat off of a skull. This triggers clapping monkeys to move forward on a see saw, activating a Cola bottle beside a Nutcracker. The stream of Cola spins a pinwheel of soda bottles, which ultimately knocks Buster out of a chair.
The Build Team tests various ways to keep needles on a tree, as well as looking nice. Success Some of the things they try are Soda, Bleach, Hair Spray, Urethane, headache medicine, fertilizer and "daddy's little helper/mommy's little helper" (as described by Kari).


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