• Myth- An Air Force sergeant at Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix Arizona attaches a JATO rocket to his car and it goes 200 miles per hour across the Arizona desert and hits a bump only to crash into the side of a mountain killing the pilot.
  • Verdict- BUSTED Three Times Supersized Once
  • Notes- JATO Car is the most notorious of all the MythBusters Myths that were tested and is the one that got them started. First time they attempted this myth JATO Car did not fly and the rockets misfired. MythBusters later sold the car after removing the rockets. On the second attempt during the Supersized Special The MythBusters got their welder Scottie Chapman out of retirement to operate the tow vehicle while the Build Team where in the Bahamas and Africa doing supersized water skier and supersized shark. Myth ended in complete failure with JATO Car blowing up forcing the experiment to be cancelled and Adam declaring the myth Supersized. 10 years later in their final season The MythBusters attempted JATO Car for the last time this time with success not only did JATO car go off the end of the ramp it went 600 feet before blowing up and having to be extinguished by the fire department. And finally after 10 years the myth was declared ReBusted and The MythBusters were finally able to put it to rest.

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