James Franklin Hyneman
"Jamie wants big boom"
Role Co-Host
Age Born: September 25 1956 (age 59)

James Franklin "Jamie" Hyneman is one of the main hosts on MythBusters, along with Adam Savage. He is also the owner of M5 Industries, a special effects workshop where MythBusters is filmed.


Jamie tends to be very monotone and nonchantalant, but has been seen to have a sense of humor and large friendship with Adam.


Jamie has a large mustache and beard, a black beret, and glasses. He usually wears a white button-up shirt, and is completely bald. Adam called him "Walrus" once or twice because his mustache makes him vaguely resemble one.


Jamie holds patent no. 6,458,008 for a remote control/stabilization device.[1]


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