This was the first myth in which the MythBusters were neither able to confirm nor bust the results due to logistics reasons. According to the episode, upon arrival at Mojave Spaceport, the insurance company responsible for the aircraft backed out at the last minute, citing possible foreign object damage to the plane. However, BBC's Top Gear was able to independently test and verify this myth.[1]

  • The Myth
    • Jet wash from an airliner can overturn a taxi if the vehicle passes behind the jet as it goes to full throttle.
  • Verdict
    • Partly Plausible later Confirmed
  • Notes
    • Adam and Jamie tried overturning a used taxi they had purchased, but were unable to get the car to flip. They could not Bust the myth for two reasons. For one, they were unable to acquire proper jet engines for insurance reasons, and had to settle for a huffer, which is used to start the turbines of jumbo jets. For another, a news article confirmed that a taxi in Brazil was blown off the road by a Boeing 737 which was taking off. While it is unlikely a car will pass so closely behind a jet taking off, it may flip over in the jet wash if it does pass that close.

This myth was re-tested and Confirmed in the Supersized Special .

Additionally, during the Storm Chasing Myths special (2010 season, episode 13), cars were used to demonstrate the power of the winds that both storm chaser's vehicles would be up against. All of the vehicles were shown blowing a considerable distance from the jet engines with significant damage done to both just from the winds alone.


  1. Top Gear Series 4 Episode 8 (18 July 2004)
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