This is a policy. It became effective on 10:22, August 25, 2011 (UTC).

This is a policy on consensus.

What is a consensus? Edit

A consensus is a decision made about something which is done by vote. An example would be an RfA. Here is an example:

Hello! I'd like to nominate my bro Example2 for Adminship! He's got a lot of edits, and he's nice. Oh, and he's funny too! That's why he should be a sysop. --[[User:Example]]


Support - As nom! --User:Example

Oppose - He's only got 16 edits! Example3

Oppose - He was spamming the chat! Example4

Yeah, I was there for that, too! Example3

Support - C'mon. Example2

Oi! You can't do that! Example5


And that would go on for a while. Once the time limit is ended, or if the nominator withdraws, it would be weighed. This is checking how many opposes and supports it had. If you've got more supports, it's a win. And vice versa. Right? Nope.

You see, when a decision is made, you not only have to weigh in the community's thoughts, but thoughts amongst yourself and other administrators/bureaucrats. So, in short....

The entire community has a say on major changes, or any change which might effect them..