• The Myth - A steel cable, anchored to both a street light post and the rear axle of a police car, will be able to yank the axle clear out from under the car when it tries to drive off, as seen in the film American Graffiti.
  • Verdict - Busted
  • Notes - Rigging the car with radio control and a cable, they made several attempts to pull the axle, but the first two attempts fail due to the cable snapping. After Adam cut through most of the axle supports and upgrading the cable from 5/16in (7.9mm) to 5/8in (16mm), they successfully pull the axle free, but it does not clear the wheel well and did snap the cable again. Adam and Jamie theorized that, in the movie, a ramp was used to give the car and axle enough of a boost to wrench the axle completely free. [1]


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