Stinky Car/Raccoon Rocket
Mythbusters Episode A-10

The gang trying to clean the car. [1]

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IMDB Ref tt0768502
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Season 1
Episode 10
Airdate 5 December 2003
Previous Episode Transmitted Lightning Strikes
Next Episode Transmitted Escape from Alcatraz

The Mythbusters see if a car can get so stinky that no one will buy it. Waiting for 2 months for 2 dead pigs to decompose in a car, the want to test raccoon rocket, where a person lighting gasoline in a sewer pipe to eliminate a raccoon but shoots himself out but lives. Looks like a job for Buster! Written by Anonymous[2]

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Stinky Car Edit

Fresh pig corpses were placed in a 1987 Chevrolet Corvette, which was sealed with Pressure sensitive tape and placed in a Intermodal container for two months.

If a decomposing body is left in a car long enough...

Myth statement Status Notes
...the car's interior will be destroyed. Confirmed When unsealed, the car was full of condensation and maggots, and the upholstery was dirty and disintegrating.
...the car cannot be cleaned up enough to remove the smell completely. Confirmed With the aid of a professional cleaning company, the car was cleaned, but some parts (such as the seats) proved to be beyond the cleaners' abilities, as well as the impracticality of disassembling every part. Adam and Jamie also reasoned that traces of material in the air conditioning system would cause the smell to linger.
...the car cannot be cleaned up enough to be sold. Busted After the smell and failure to start turned away several potential buyers, the MythBusters did find a buyer who was willing to purchase the car for $2,000 and use it for spare parts.

Raccoon Rocket Edit

Myth statement Status Notes
A hillbilly was blasted 200ft out of a culvert when he tried to light gasoline in an attempt to chase down a raccoon which had escaped down the pipe. Busted Buster was simply lit on fire when the gasoline was ignited. The only way the result of the myth was duplicated was by encasing Buster in a foam sabot, plugging the bottom end of the culvert, and using 10lb of gunpowder; resulting in Buster only travelling 100ft, half the distance of their goal.


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