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Tori Belleci
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Role Build team
Age 44

Tory Belleci is a cohost of the show Mythbusters. He is currently a part of the Build Team along with Grant and Kari.


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Like Kari, Tory has been a part of the Mythbusters show almost since the beginning making brief appearances. He later became part of the Build Team. 


Tory is the most daring of the Build Team. He occasionally is the one who is choosen to do the dangerous experiments and also takes unnecessary risks.


Because of his personality, Tory often gets into accidents or injures himself while filming Mythbusters. Below is a list of episodes of no table accidents he has had during the show:

  • In an earlier episode - Tory, with the encouragment of his team members, Scotty and Kari, attempted to jump an object using a bicycle. He failed and landed face-first on the concrete.
  • Bullet Proof Water - Testing the 360° degree loop on a swing set, Tory fell off the playground swing while swinging at a high speed when the chains of the swing snapped. Luckily he landed on safety floor matts and was barely hurt.
  • In Soda Cup Killer Tory was suspended next to a building (testing the "Hollywood Hang" sequence). And, despite being strapped into a saftey harness system, fell off a roof and hit his knee on an open window ledge, and suffered substantial bleeding.
  • In Viral Hour, Tory was hit in his privates by a fainting goat.


  • Pirates Special 2 - According to the announcer, Tory is afraid of the color purple.
  • In Viewer Special, Tory said that if Grant died, he wanted to keep Grant's robot.  Grant declined, but Tory said he'd be dead anyway so he wouldn't know where it would be.