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Adam Savage Hello!
To do: Fix Monobook skin look My name is Adam, and I am one of the bureaucrats on the Mythbusters Wiki, and a custodian on the RuneScape Wiki. I adopted the Mythbusters Wiki in August of 2011, and have been heading the site ever since. I started editing the RuneScape Wiki, however, in January of 2011. I've been editing off and on there ever since. If you need any help, just visit my talk page.

About Me

I became interested in Wikipedia back in 2009, but became more interested in Wikia Wikis in 2010-ish. I created my first account, this one, back in late 2010, and edited on my first Wiki, the RuneScape Wiki, in January of 2011. Since then, I've created 5 Wikis, adopted one, have attained rollback and custodian tools on another, have a bot for IRC and soon an AWB. I'm currently active on 4 Wikis. In real life, I live in North-eastern Ohio with my mum and sister. I'm 6'1'' (73 inches) tall, and I love to swim and scuba dive. Really, anything in the water. My favourite topics of conversation are any sort of theoretical physics or quantum mechanics.

/cs flags #channel user +O = add permaflags in IRC, auto-op, etc

[20:30] -ChanServ-     +v - Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +V - Enables automatic voice.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +o - Enables use of the op/deop commands.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +O - Enables automatic op.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +s - Enables use of the set command.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +i - Enables use of the invite and getkey commands.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +r - Enables use of the unban command.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +R - Enables use of the recover and clear commands.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +f - Enables modification of channel access lists.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +t - Enables use of the topic and topicappend commands.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +A - Enables viewing of channel access lists.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +F - Grants full founder access.
[20:30] -ChanServ-     +b - Enables automatic kickban.
[20:30] -ChanServ-  
[20:30] -ChanServ- The special permission +* adds all permissions except +b and +F.
[20:30] -ChanServ- The special permission -* removes all permissions including +b and +F.